What if I Get Into an Accident With a Big Truck or 18-Wheeler?

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Without question, many of our most significant injury claims have arisen from accidents involving semi-trucks and 18-wheelers. Given the severity of the hell that can be wrought by these behemoth semi-trucks and 18-wheelers, you need attorneys with specific experience in suing these big trucking companies to represent you from the beginning. I’m going to take this opportunity to touch on only a few of the reasons why.

We believe it is crucial in these cases to have the appropriate experts inspect and document the trucks before they are repaired. For trucking accident cases we often employ mechanical engineers, accident reconstructionists, and trucking industry experts at the onset to help build our case from the beginning.

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Developing Strong Claims for Complex Truck Accidents

As mentioned, most motor vehicle accidents involving semi-trucks and 18-wheelers result in catastrophic injuries. Given the severity of the injuries and the resulting long-term needs of our clients and their families, we usually employ engineers and accident reconstruction experts within a matter of HOURS of being retained in a trucking case. These experts are very expensive, but they are also very well trained to investigate fresh accident scenes, photograph and measure skid marks, inspect the vehicles involved, and interview all relevant witnesses as soon as possible to help preserve evidence and strongly position our claim. We advance these and all other costs on behalf of our clients who never have to pay a cent out of their own pockets.

The work of these engineering experts sheds light on several important issues of the case, including:

  • Speed and direction of the vehicles prior to and at the time of impact
  • The view or vantage point the drivers of the vehicles
  • Whether any mechanical defects contributed to the accident
  • Whether either vehicle attempted any evasive action prior to the accident

In some instances, our experts will go so far as to actually obtain similar vehicles to those involved in the accident to recreate and demonstrate to juries what each driver saw or should have seen prior to the accident.

Understanding the Laws that Apply to Your Case

There are also certain very important laws that apply to commercial trucking. For example, laws limit the number of hours that truckers can drive continuously without rest. Other laws limit the tow capacity or weight that certain types of commercial trucks are allowed to haul. A truck’s braking ability is certainly influenced by the amount of weight it is hauling. An overloaded truck will not have the same braking distance as a lighter truck. An expert Orlando truck accident attorney will know how to review truckers’ logs, decipher maintenance records, weight station reports, and other documents with a fine-toothed comb to identify information that can be used to our client’s advantage.

Getting You Appropriate Medical Attention

Given that many of trucking accident injuries are catastrophic in nature, your trucking attorney needs to be prepared to properly develop the damages portion of a claim by retaining the proper medical and other expert witnesses. In addition to making sure that our clients are receiving the best available medical treatment, we also usually retain vocational rehabilitation experts and economists to help determine the economic damages that will be experienced by our clients and their dependents.

We fully understand that better results come from better preparation. The aggressive Orlando truck accident lawyers at The Trial Professionals P.A. leave no stones unturned. We are prepared to tirelessly pursue your trucking case from the very beginning.

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