Disability Onset Date

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The disability onset date is the date that a disability first began to hinder your ability to perform substantial gainful activity (SGA). The onset date is a very important part of your Social Security disability benefits application.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) uses this date to determine the eligibility and timeframe for benefit payment. Each application for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits should include the date that the disability is believed to have occurred, known as the alleged onset date (AOD).

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Reviewing AOD Claims

The SSA will examine the AOD claim by looking into medical and work history to determine if the date provided is accurate. If the medical records confirm that the date the disability occurred coincides with the date the applicant was no longer able to engage in SGA, the SSA will declare an Established Onset Date (EOD).

The SSA may determine that the actual date that the disability occurred (EOD) is different than the one claimed on the application (AOD) depending on the evidence available. The EOD cannot be declared to be earlier than the disability was medically confirmed.

When Does Eligibility Start?

You will be eligible for Social Security disability benefits starting 5 months after the established onset date, and you may be able to receive these benefits for retroactive back pay going back up to 12 months. If the SSA is unable to confirm an onset date, benefits may be denied.

The onset date for blind individuals is determined by the date that the applicant’s vision became impaired enough to meet the SSA’s definition of blindness. If the applicant was legally blind and still working, a second onset date must be established to determine when they became unable to engage in SGA.

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The difference between the EOD and the AOD can means a difference of thousands of dollars to you and your family. The experienced Orlando Social Security Disability lawyers at The Trial Professionals P.A. are always careful to include sufficient evidence of the onset date of your disability to ensure you get compensation as soon as possible.

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