Who Pays My Bills After a Slip & Fall?

Insight from Our Slip & Fall Accident Attorneys in Orlando

We are able to help most of our clients get all of the medical treatment they need without paying a cent out of their own pocket—even if they don’t have any medical insurance. It’s never fair for an injury victim to pay their own medical bills when their injuries were the result of someone else’s negligence.

Serious slip and fall injuries may potentially result in the accumulation of substantial medical bills. Treatment for injuries sustained in a slip and fall injury may include emergency room visits, doctor visits, diagnostic testing, and physical therapy. If we accept you as a client, our office will ensure you are able to receive the medical treatment you need without having to pay a cent out of your pocket.

Do not worry if you do not have health insurance. Our clients never have to pay out of pocket under any circumstance. Call (855) 375-9959 to speak with our Orlando slip and fall attorneys.

What About Medical Payment Coverage?

Some property owners will carry Medical Payment Coverage, or “Med-Pay,” which will generally cover the medical bills incurred within one year regardless of whether the property owner was at fault for the accident. However, this coverage is typically limited and is unlikely to be able to cover the full cost of your treatment for a slip and fall injury.

An offer by a property owner to pay for initial medical bills is not necessarily an admission of fault. Anyone injured due to a slip and fall should be cautious about signing any paperwork or release in exchange for medical payments before consulting with an attorney.

Helping You Get the Care You Need

After a slip and fall accident, we’ll help you get all of the medical treatment you need even if you don’t have health insurance. If you do have health insurance, Medicaid or Medicare, your medical bills may be covered by one of those carriers.

If you choose to receive medical care through your own health insurance, your insurance carrier will have a right of subrogation. A right of subrogation means that your insurance carrier will have the right to receive reimbursement for any money that it paid out for treatment related to your injury should you obtain compensation.

What Is a Letter of Protection?

If you do not have insurance available and are represented by our office, we’ll be happy to assist you in finding a doctor who will provide medical treatment for your injury under a Letter of Protection. A Letter of Protection or “LOP” is an agreement that the client, the attorney, and the doctor sign whereby the doctor agrees to provide all the medical treatment that the patient requires for their accident without billing the patient directly.

The parties agree that the attorney will satisfy any outstanding medical bills from any settlement proceeds prior to disbursing the funds to the client. Therefore, the client does ultimately pay their doctors for medical treatment, but at the conclusion of their case out of the recovery proceeds. If no recover is made, then the client will not be responsible for the bills related to the doctor’s services.

The Trial Professionals P.A. is ready to help you. Call our Orlandoslip and fall attorneys at (855) 375-9959 to discuss your claim.

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