Steps to Take After a Blowout

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1. Call 911.

Report your accident as soon as possible. Request the police come to the scene, and ask for medical assistance if it is required. The police will be able to assist you in documenting the accident.

2. Take photographs.

If possible, use your cell phone to photograph the damage to your vehicle. Take as many photographs as possible from several different angles. Try to pay particular attention to the tire blowout. This evidence could be vital to your future claim. Photograph any visible injuries as well. It is important to document all your injuries that resulted from the tire blowout accident.

3. Gather information from any witnesses.

Try to obtain the personal information for any witnesses to your accident. Gather the witness names, addresses, and phone numbers. Ask these witnesses what they saw and try to document their answers. The aftermath of a motor vehicle accident is traumatic, but this information could improve any claim you bring in the future.

4. Cooperate with the police.

Report all your injuries to the police who arrive at the scene of the accident. Don’t try to “tough it out” and fail to mention injuries that you feel are insignificant. It is important to document all of your injuries so an insurance company cannot deny necessary medical treatment at a later date.

5. Preserve evidence.

Be sure your vehicle and any pieces of the tire are kept and remain intact. Do not allow a junkyard or tow company to sell or destroy your vehicle or tires. Having the remains of your tire can be invaluable when attempting to prove a tire blowout was the result of a defect caused by the manufacturer.

6. Seek medical attention.

If emergency services show up to the scene of the accident be sure to have medical personnel examine you at the scene. Often, they will ask if you require a trip to the emergency room. It is usually a good idea to get a thorough examination at the hospital. You may have suffered internal injuries that require medical treatment. The hospital will be able to provide diagnostic testing to ensure your safety.

7. Contact an experienced Orlando tire blowout attorney.

An experienced attorney can help you navigate through this difficult process. The skilled Orlando tire blowout lawyers at The Trial Professionals P.A. are available 24/7 to assist you. Our attorneys can help to protect your rights and ensure you receive the full value of your claim during this stressful time.

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