Orlando Product Liability Lawyers

Millions Recovered for Injury Victims in Florida

The experienced Orlando product liability attorneys at Trial Pro. represent people who are injured as a result of dangerous products ranging from defective household appliances to unsafe automobile components. For example, we have represented families who have suffered through tragedies as a result of fires caused by defective coffee makers, pressure cookers, and ovens.

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We are also prepared to represent people who suffer serious injuries as a result of faulty airbags, seat-belts, defective electronic power-steering systems, and tires. In fact, one of the most serious causes of traffic fatalities in Florida occurs when our high temperatures lead to tire tread separation or “blow-out” accidents.

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Handling a Comprehensive Range of Defective Products

Products made available to the public should be safe. These products should make our lives easier and more comfortable. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a defective product, please do not wait to contact us.

We handle cases involving the following and more:

We have experience suing some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world and can put our 100+ years of collective experience to work on your behalf. Trust your case to our team.

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The Orlando product liability attorneys at Trial Pro are prepared to act now to fully protect your rights and prepare your claim. Product liability cases usually require early and expensive investigative work to properly prove the claim. We have knowledge, experience, investigative and expert witness contacts, and resources to fully develop product liability claims.

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