What if I Have Been in Multiple Accidents?

Insight from Our Orlando Car Accident Attorneys

Our office has represented numerous clients who have been involved in a prior automobile accident. In fact, we have had several clients who had multiple pending accident claims. Prior accidents can have an effect on your current claim. Many people have been involved in several automobile accidents over the course of their lifetime. The severity of these accidents varies from person to person, as do the injuries that stemmed from each accident.

Don’t let the fact that you’ve been in a prior accident deter you from seeking justice—call our expert Orlando car accident lawyers today at 800-874-2577!

How Does a Past Accident Impact My Current Case?

The effect of a prior accident varies depending on a variety of factors.

These factors can include:

  • How much time has passed since the accident
  • The severity of the accident
  • The type of injuries sustained in the prior accident
  • The extent to which the client has recovered prior to being involved in his or her most recent accident

The more time that has passed between accidents, the easier our job will be in proving any current injuries are a result of the most recent accident as opposed to a prior accident. Our office often compares medical records and diagnostic tests, such as MRI films and x-rays. This comparison typically allows us to prove injuries are the result of a recent accident or at a minimum, that the most recent accident exacerbated prior injuries.

Even if you have had several accidents in the past, our office can assist you with your recent automobile accident claim. We handle cases from our offices in Miami, Ft. Myers, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, and across Florida. Trust your case to our seasoned team today!

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