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Insurance companies aim to pay as little as possible for an automobile accident claim. They will often try to settle your claim as quickly and inexpensively as possible. If you are involved in an automobile accident and the other party is at-fault, you should contact the at-fault party’s insurance company as soon as possible to discuss your property damage claim.

Before calling the insurance company, however, gather as much information as possible about your vehicle. The internet is a great resource to get an idea of exactly what your vehicle is worth. Always negotiate with the insurance adjuster once you receive an offer for your property damage. The insurance company’s initial offer is not necessarily the proper value for your vehicle. If your vehicle had extra parts added or recent repairs you should provide the insurance company with these receipts to receive proper compensation.

At The Trial Professionals P.A., we feel it’s in your best interest to have your car repairs paid for by the other side’s insurance company if possible, even if you have collision coverage yourself. We have offices in Orlando, Naples, Ft. Myers, Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, Miami, and Delray Beach.

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What Does the At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Cover?

The at-fault driver’s insurance company is responsible for storage and towing fees if your care is not driveable following an accident. If your vehicle is going to be inoperable for an extended period of time, the insurance company is also responsible for providing you with a rental vehicle while your car is being repaired.

Following the collision, the defendant’s insurance company will send someone to inspect your vehicle to determine the extent of the damage and how much your vehicle is worth. It’s important to have a qualified and experienced mechanic and body shop to inspect and repair your vehicle so that all of the problems are repaired promptly and correctly. If your vehicle is declared a total loss and not financed, the insurance company will cut you a check for the fair market value of the vehicle.

If you agree to the amount being offered by the insurance company, you can then cash the check in order to purchase a new vehicle. If, however, the insurance company asks you to sign a release prior to sending you a check for your vehicle, you should have an attorney review the document. An Orlando car accident attorney can help you determine if the release is proper and ensure you are not giving up your right to make additional claims.

What About Additional Property?

If you have a child safety seat in your vehicle and are involved in an automobile accident the child seat is likely damaged. Even if the damage is not clearly visible, you should always assume that the seat was damaged in the collision. You should discontinue using the child’s safety seat and purchase a new one to avoid putting your child at risk. The insurance company for the at-fault driver should reimburse you for the cost of a replacement safety seat. You will need to provide the insurance company a copy of your receipt to receive compensation for your new child safety seat.

Additionally, certain items in your vehicle may be included in your property damage claim following an automobile accident such as:

  • CD player
  • Navigation system
  • Custom speakers or details
  • Any other valuables damaged in the vehicle

Moreover, if you have recently had work done to your vehicle and you can provide an invoice or receipt of the repair work, you can often negotiate with the insurance company to increase your property damage claim.

Guidance Through Property Damage Claims

Property damage claims can often be confusing, and it is important to remember your interests and the insurance company’s interests are not aligned. The Trial Professionals P.A. can assist you with your property damage claim and ensure you receive all the compensation to which you are entitled.

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