Buckle Up and Help Keep Our Children Safe

Make The Roads Safer For Everyone

I was reading a friend’s Facebook post the other day regarding how frightening it is to see so many drivers who do not have their children buckled up. She wrote:

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“I see so many children in cars that aren’t in seat belts, standing up in the car, jumping from seat to seat, it’s crazy! I saw a little boy sitting on the dashboard of a car when I was dropping the boys at school! I’m a hardcore seatbet user only because my cousin was in an accident when she was 2 years old. She wasn’t strapped in and she flew into the front and slammer her head on the dashboard. For the past 38 years, she hasn’t beeen able to talk, walk, feed herself, do anything, she’s completely handicapped. Please put seat belts on your kids! You don’t want to be responsible for that!”

I learned from my friend that the child’s mother, who also was not wearing a seatbelt, was severly injured, although she fully recovered. Imagine living with your life with hurting your child like that? How tragic, and how easily this could have been avoided.

Please protect your precious babies and buckle them up and also do it yourself.