Heel (Calcaneus) Fractures

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Ankle Injury RepairThe calcaneus is the bone that forms the heel of the foot. It sits under the talus and is the largest of the tarsal bones. Fractures of the heel bone are almost always disabling injuries. They most often occur during collisions, such as a fall from a great height or a motor vehicle accident. These are the most common causes of a heel fracture due to the high-impact forces involved.

Calcaneus fractures are severe and can result in long term problems, and can be caused through a number of different accidents apart from construction accidents or car crashes. Twisting your ankle may result in the calcaneus being cracked. Tripping and falling, either from a height or a bad angle, can shatter the heel. The more violent the impact, the more damage done to the calcaneus.

If the pieces of broken bone have not been displaced, surgery may not be necessary. If the bones have displaced, surgery (such as open reduction internal fixation) may be required to keep the bone in its proper place and shape. After surgery, it is important to keep the leg elevated and immobilized to decrease the swelling. It is recommended to not put any weight on the foot until the bone is completely healed, which can take up to 6-8 weeks or longer.

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