(Fort Myers and Naples) Stay safe during the crazy Spring Break season

Spring Break season brings thousands of young adults to the sandy shores of southwest Florida every year and with them they bring a fun, carefree attitude that includes an abundant consumption of alcohol. Unfortunately, a consumption of alcohol that size brings a steady flow of car accidents to SWFL, according the Florida Department of Highway Safety, Spring Break is a time of year that brings the most fatal car accidents, more than any other part of the year. Many of these fatal incidents are regrettably tied to driving under the influence. Due to the increase in people driving under the influence, the state of Florida has imposed very strict penalties for those convicted such as higher insurance premiums, the possibility of getting your license suspended, being put on probation, and serving jail time for a crime that could’ve all but been avoided.

Here at the Trial Professional we want to provide you with some tips to avoid these wild Spring Breakers in the coming months.

  • Limit yourself; you should never get to a point where you don’t remember where you are or how you got there. Being that highly intoxicated could not only lead to serious injury or death but could also cause very serious illnesses such as alcohol poisoning and liver failure.
  • Don’t drink and drive. Always have a designated driver that will not be consuming any alcohol. Everyone thinks that one or two beers will be fine and before they know it that 6-pack is gone and the day’s earlier thoughts of driving everyone home safe goes right out the window.
  • Stay with a group of people or a friend at all times. If you know you are going to be drinking heavily or at all, it’s best to keep people you trust around you. Straying off alone in a state or area you are unfamiliar with could lead to many unwanted circumstances.
  • Avoid distraction on the road. For those of us who don’t get a whole week off from work, it’s important to be extremely aware and cautious during this time of year; try your best to avoid taking pictures, texting, talking on the phone or messing around with the radio in your car etc. The more attention you pay to the road the less potential there is of seriously hurting yourself or someone else.

Implementing these tips will not only assure your safety but it will assure the safety millions of Spring Breakers that flock to Florida every year. We at The Trial Professionals just want to make sure you remember to have fun in these coming sunny months but to be as hyper vigilant as possible. These tips can’t guarantee that someone else won’t make a mistake but it ensures that you did everything in your power to avoid a disaster. We remind you to stay safe and hope you all enjoy your stay in the Sunshine State.


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