Who Is Responsible For Maintaining Parking Lots At Shopping Centers And Malls?

Large outdoor shopping centers are often parceled out amongst several owners. While traversing form store to store it is often hard to tell when the property of one company starts and where another beings. Frequently these stores share mutual common areas such as walkways or parking lots and it is not always clear who is responsible for their maintenance and upkeep. Often times, when someone suffers an injury as a result of poor upkeep or maintenance of these areas the property owners are quick to point the finger at one another making it difficult for the injured party to seek compensation from the negligent party. These property owner squabbles can carry on for months with little concern for the injured party.

Recently The Trial Professionals were able to help an individual who found themselves in this scenario. The woman tripped and fell as a result of poorly maintained and damage cart corral outside of a large department store.

This individual tripped over a piece of pipe that was sticking out of a broken cart corral divider the pipe was hidden from view by another card and individual trips when reaching into the corral to pull a cart to get shopping unfortunately her fall resulting in serious injuries that require surgical intervention. The individual contacted the door in front of which she got the card and they attempted to push blame onto the property management company.

Only after retaining counsel in the property owner respond to her at all. Unfortunately the property management company and the door were unwilling to except responsibility for the accident and denied the claim despite her significant and permanent injury. Fortunately, the trial professional litigated the case for nearly 2 years and recently were able to resolve the matter for over $70,000. The injured party was compensated for her injury and all of her medical bills were paid

If you have been injured and have received unfavorable responses from the property owner contact a trial professional.


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