Be Careful with Social Media

These days, many of us are enjoying getting reconnected with childhood, high school or college friends, regardless of where they live, using the magic of social media sites such as Facebook. Such sites also allow us to stay connected, once that reconnection is achieved, by posting photos, videos and stories of what we have done that day, week or even long ago in the past.

While these sites and the posts placed on them can bring many smiles to those who use them, be aware that they are also subject to intense scrutiny by the opposing party/insurance company after you file a claim for damages in any type of personal injury claim.

Therefore, the Trial Pro team recommends you avoid posting anything that describes your Incident, any injuries you sustained, or how they have affected you. Also, since the defense attorneys and insurance company will want to suggest you were Not hurt in the Incident, before you post something while your claim is pending, first consider whether it could be construed, or misconstrued , in a way that might suggest you are not injured.

Snapshots are just that, a photo taken in an instant that shows only what was happening at that precise moment in time, not 5 seconds before or 5 minutes later. Unfortunately, if the insurance company can use your social media post to its advantage, it will, even if what it is suggesting is completely untrue.

The best thing is to avoid giving them the ammo to make such an argument.

Think before you post.


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