Trial Attorneys vs. Regular Broken Bone Injury Attorneys: What's the Difference?

One thing I’ll say about the attorneys at The Trial Professionals is that we’re hungry. Every case represents its own battle with an insurance company, and we’re competitive people who do not want to lose.

We are not passive broken bone Injury attorneys who are happy to simply get a promising case. We speak with our clients regularly and help direct our clients’ medical treatment. We do not just wait around twiddling our thumbs until our clients tell us they are finished treating. We don't just want to hurry up and settle cases and move on to the next easy and quick settlement. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to get the best possible recovery on every single case. To date, we have successfully helped thousands of our accident injury clients recover tens of millions of dollars, and we’re here to do the same for you.

The Trial Professionals are by our very nature aggressive, not passive. We don’t sit around waiting and hoping for a case to settle. Our office is in regular contact with our clients, as well our clients’ treating physicians. We stay very involved in the medical treatment process to make sure our clients are treated by any necessary specialists. We also work closely with these doctors to make sure our clients’ medical complaints, the doctors’ treatment recommendations, and the doctors’ opinions regarding the permanency of our clients’ injuries are properly explained in narrative form (so we can use it to our client’s advantage in connection with their case).

At The Trial Professionals, we give insurance companies a fair opportunity to settle cases, but we are hypersensitive to the fact that these settlements must be in our clients’ best interests. We never pressure a client to take any settlement, and we understand that the client is the boss. Our clients make the decisions, but we always give very clear, easy-to-understand legal advice. We do not use any tricky, confusing, or misleading “legal speak.”

Our attorneys certainly aren’t shy about filing lawsuits and seeing them all the way through trial when appropriate. We understand that better results may begin with better preparation. As such, we prepare every case with the expectation it will go to trial – in order to put pressure on the insurance companies to offer top dollar to settle the case. Insurance companies know very well which attorneys are willing to go the distance and which attorneys are simply pushovers looking for a quick and easy settlement. We know all of the games insurance companies play when trying to frustrate regular broken bone injury attorneys, but we don’t let them jerk us around. We’ve worked with almost every insurance company out there at one time or another over the years, and we’re proud of the reputation we’ve cultivated.

When you need the services of an Orlando broken bone injury lawyer, call us at The Trial Professionals for a free, confidential consultation.


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