How Long Do Personal Injury Claims Take?

Despite how many people are injured every year, there is no “average personal injury settlement” in terms of time or dollar amount. Some can take a matter of weeks while other can drag on for years. In general, if you want the claim to be settled quickly, you can always be happy with less compensation. Insurance companies will often lowball you in a settlement in order to try and lose the least amount of money possible. Cases usually extend for months if policyholders refuse to settle for less.

There are usually three reasons a personal injury case can take a while to settle. The first is that there could be legal or factual problems with the case. It might take an insurance company a significant amount of time to investigate the claim, particularly in a complicated case. For example, if your personal injury resulted from a multi-vehicle collision, the investigator for the claim might have a hard time tracking down everyone involved in order to determine liability. Likewise, if the insurance company itself disputes your claim, you may have to appeal their decision in court, which could take months.

Settling a claim could also take significantly more time the more money is involved. If you or your property sustained a significant amount of damage, insurers won’t hand over compensation without thorough investigation. They must ensure there is no good defense to refuse payment, your injuries are as severe as you claim, and that they can’t attack your credibility. Occasionally, they might even drag on the case as long as possible in hopes that you will simply drop the claim.

Lastly, if you have not reached a point of maximum medical improvement (MMI) from your injuries the case could take longer. For example, if you can afford to wait longer, don’t settle a personal injury claim until you have reached a point of MMI, which means you are as healthy as you are going to get. Reaching this point before settling ensures you and your attorney will know how to value your damages by using the total cost of your medical bills.

If you need help settling a claim with a reluctant insurance company, give our experienced and skilled Orlando personal injury lawyers a call. The Trial Professionals, P.A. help people all over Florida, and we treat all our clients like individuals, not case numbers. Each Trial Professional is determined to see your case as far along as needed to get you the compensation you deserve. If you want help from a respectful and caring lawyer, contact us today. We offer free consultations, and we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you or your loved one has been injured in a car accident, motorcycle accident, natural disaster, or at work, trust your case to us.


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