Biking Accidents in Naples

Naples was just voted for the second year running the happiest and healthiest place to live in the United States. This comes as no surprise to me because of the level of physical activity of the people who enjoy living in Southwest Florida. There is an endless amount of good weather for activities like tennis, golf, and bicycling. Bicycling is a super popular form of exercising and socializing in Naples, and people take it very seriously. There is not a single day that passes that I don’t see several people biking alongside our cars on very busy roads with moderately high speed limits. The good news is that our town is designed with plenty of biking lanes and sidewalks, but the bad news is sometimes that’s not enough.

We have represented many clients who were innocently biking in their designated lanes with proper lookout that are hit by inattentive drivers. A biker is no match for a car, even if everyone is traveling at negligible speeds. The most common type of bike on car incident happens when a biker is traveling along and crosses a parking lot entrance or exit sidewalk. In these situations, drivers very regularly cross sidewalks without stopping in order to get the nose of their car closer to the road they are about to turn onto. This common behavior is very dangerous, and if you know you do it yourself, drop that habit. Always approach sidewalks that could have bikers as defensively as you would oncoming cars. If you pull out and a biker crashes into the side of your car, you are at fault, and that biker is going to be very injured. If you are ever a victim of this type of accident call the police and file a report even if you don’t seek immediate medical treatment. Our firm can help you take the proper steps following an incident like that and make sure you are protected.

From the perspective of bikers, be on the lookout for bad drivers who ignore sidewalks. You shouldn’t have to keep a focused lookout of all the cars in a parking lot about to enter or exit, but you should. We have so many parking lots for all of our restaurants, shopping, and convenient retail centers, but with that comes plenty of opportunity for people to make dangerous mistakes.


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