10 Things Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Typical auto accident claims include pain and suffering, loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life, the past and future medical expenses, past lost wages, and future diminished earning capacity.

Insurance companies are always seeking new ways to avoid paying the full value of automobile claims. Their goal is to keep their costs low by paying you as little as possible for your claim. The Orlando car accident lawyers at Trial Pro can help you receive every cent you deserve for your claim.

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Our office has identified 10 of the most common tricks these companies use to avoid paying you the just compensation owed in your auto accident claim:

  1. The insurance company’s initial settlement offers are never in your best interest.
    Your insurance carrier’s early offers may seem generous. In their initial offer, the insurance company will often to pay for your medical bills and lost wages. Unfortunately, these costs represent only a small portion of the total value of your claim. Your lawyer can generally get you all the benefits in their offer in addition to compensation for future lost earnings, pain and suffering, and other damages.
  2. The insurance company hopes you tell people at the scene, including police, that you are not injured.
    Automobile accident victims often try to “tough it out” by refusing medical treatment at the scene or failing to report what seem like minor aches and pains. Unfortunately, the insurance company can use this failure to report your injuries, no matter how insignificant they feel at the time, against you later in settlement offers or in court. Be sure to inform law enforcement officers and medical personnel of all your injuries, no matter how minor they initially feel. Should your injuries become worse in the days or weeks that follow, they will have been properly documented on investigative reports.
  3. The insurance company hopes that the cars are moved before you have a chance to take photographs.
    The less documentation of the accident the better for the insurance company. They hope you don’t take any photographs at all. If possible, take photographs of all the vehicles involved in the accident as well as any injuries. This documentation improves the strength of your case and increases the settlement offers by the insurance company. These photographs also help to personalize your claim and show insurance company’s the seriousness of your injuries.
  4. The insurance company hopes you’re disorganized and / or forgetful about accident-related expenses.
    Without receipts for accident-related expenses, you may be unable to prove the legitimacy of your expenses and ultimately not get reimbursed for these costs. Keep a folder containing all your receipts for accident-related expenses, such as cab fare, lawn maintenance, prescriptions, car rental fees, and other expenses so they can be included in your claim.
  5. The insurance company wants you to admit to some degree of responsibility for the accident.
    Don’t apologize for the accident, even if you are doing so simply to be polite. If you admit fault or even partial blame for an automobile accident you may be held responsible for some of the costs of the collision. An experienced car accident attorney in Florida can help you deal with the aftermath of a wreck.
  6. The insurance company doesn't want you to hire an attorney.
    As mentioned previously, the insurance company hopes to settle your claim money for as little as possible. A knowledgeable lawyer will almost always get significantly more money for a client than if that client attempted to negotiate with the insurance company on their own.
  7. The insurance company will try to confuse you about their coverage.
    Insurance policies and their loopholes can sometimes be difficult to understand. Your insurance company hopes you don’t understand that your Uninsured Motorist or Underinsured Motorist coverage entitles you to compensation even if the negligent driver didn't have automobile insurance. Our team can help review the insurance policies of all the parties involved in a collision and identify all forms of coverage. Be careful not to sign a release from an insurance company before consulting with an attorney. Signing these documents may cause you to lose the right to use additional beneficial coverage.
  8. The insurance company will try to limit your medical treatment.
    Never feel pressured into letting an insurance company dictate your medical treatment. Your medical decisions should be made by your treating physician, not by an insurance company. Insurance companies may imply they don’t cover a procedure pressure you to complete your treatment as soon as possible. Be sure you receive all the treatment necessary to recover. Insurance companies are responsible for paying all necessary and reasonable medical expenses related to an automobile accident.
  9. The insurance company wants to argue that your injuries are pre-existing and unrelated to your accident.
    Consult with an experienced car accident lawyer before signing any medical release paperwork. An attorney knows what medical information your insurance company should be permitted to access.
  10. The insurance company hopes to trick you into signing a release of your claims.
    Signing any release paperwork could waive your right to bring a claim for your injuries. You should never sign any insurance document without first consulting a qualified automobile accident attorney.

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